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Phone: +1 817-426-7800
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for Academy Sports Outdoors 2023:

Review №1


I spent over 1000 in the store back in May. I purchased a rod that I only used 3 times and it snapped when I set the hook on a fish that ended up weighing around 3 to 4 lbs. The man up front told me that he would replace the rod( which is what I wanted him to do), also,, a g x 2 ugly stik rod and reel that the reel was frozen up on before it ever was put into the water. I also brought it in to be replaced. He stated that usually the return would need to be made within 90 days but that he would go ahead and give me store credit because I had my receipt. I told him that I simply wanted to replace them. Neither of them had a scratch other than where my Rod snapped when I was setting my hook on a largemouth bass. While he took my items to the return desk, my husband and I went to find the replacements. Once found, I took them to the man so that they could be exchanged, he told me that he was sorry and wouldnt be able to help me after all. I asked if there was anyone else there that I might be able to talk to and he replied to me that he was the store manager. Then he had me to walk with him to see another lady. She told me that she wouldnt be able to accept it because it had been over 60 days. The store manager said the policy was usually 90 days but that he would help me. This other lady tells me 60 days and was very rude. I paid 140 dollars for that rod and 50 dollars for the ugly stik combo. Not to mention the other items that I purchased. Again, over 1000 bucks spent, only to find out i cant be helped. Hell, I couldnt even get the same policy

Review №2


Looking for new cooler. Found a nice size one with wheels at a great price. It wasnt with the rest of the coolers, an associate took me to them . Good service, good prices, over the top selection. Thats why I keep going back.

Review №3


Great store… just beware of the vendor lady from UnderArmor who is folding clothes in the kids section.. don’t even ask her where something is because she will yell at you telling you how she doesn’t work for Academy.I will continue to shop at Academy but.. I will never purchase anything from Under Armour again.. the whole time she was in the area she was constantly on the phone as well. Plus there’s no need to be rude when someone might suspect you work for the store you’re working in.4:00pm3/1

Review №4


BEWARE OF LARGE PURCHASE ITEMS HERE!!!Bought a $300 tent here, used it for one night and as soon as it was put up a big gust of wind came and ripped it tried to return it to this location (where I bought it) and told me they would not take my return. The guy who greeted me at the door hounded me down while waiting in line after discussing my returns at the door telling me to go tans in line only to come start telling me that they wouldn’t be taking anything back which included a tear at a zipper of one of my sleeping bags that again was used once.

Review №5


Dirty, clothes everywhere, no tags on half the stuff, incorrect tags on the other and incorrect pricing on the shelves. Its always chaos in there. Staff can never answer questions without having to find someone else who doesnt know the answer or points you in the wrong direction. The racks are always out of order and either over stacked where you cant look at it or where you cant find your size because it was not racked correctly. I always dread going in this store. Was my favorite place to go all the time, now ughhh.

Review №6


Nice clean store, decent selection. Out of the limited staff they have there was only one or two of the older staff members that were working. The younger staff was just there sucking air and collecting a paycheck for doing nothing. I actually felt bad for the 2 employees working there butts off.

Review №7


After customer service issues in Fort Worth I came to the Burleson location. They were more than helpful and very patient to correct my issue. I will only be using this location from now on. I cannot thank them enough.

Review №8


Look, I love Academy as much as the next guy, especially the outdoor cooking department BUT.... Its messy. It is.. there I said it. Its a dagum mess. Academys saving grace is Christie at the register, shes a sweetheart and genuinely kind. I appreciate people like her.

Review №9


My father ordered a grill online so him and I went to go pick it up we parked in the curbside waited 25 minutes and nobody came out literally employees walking out to their cars going on their break litterly ignoring the fact that there’s somebody at curbside then we went inside and told them that we had an online order to pick up they didn’t know her beeper was not working so she told us to bring the truck up waited another 10 mins finally they came out then had an attitude problem because they don’t wanna do there job and I guess the manager was there with them was totally unpleasant and rude he had a manbun just closed the trunk tell us have a good day very rude and totally unprofessional I love academy but some employees just need to be maintained

Review №10


Love this store and the staff! They are super helpful in the shoe dept, the pricing is good too!

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