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Phone: +1 325-677-3500
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–2PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.9

24 Reviews for Barnett & Hill Real Estate 2023:

Review №1


Their site as abundance of listings but not a single one actually goes through them. On top of that ask for all yoits pointless for these but its pointless. Called them to ask about where I can find who to go through actually get in contact with those listings. Was told just to look it up on absolutely pointless and waste of time

Review №2


If you are a property owner, I urge you not to use this company as your property managers! I am active duty military and used this company, which was the worst mistake I ever made.This company lacks responsiveness and professionalism. There was one person in their front office who knew what they were doing and if she was not available then nobody knew what to do. The falling out with company was terrible, and was due to their malpractice, and blatant fraud scheme. In April 2021, their office sent out a memo for owners which specified there policy for making homes “make ready” in which they requested owners pay $500 or less for any repairs necessary-anything above that they would contact the owner. That did not happen with me and in the end I had to call multiple times to ascertain the status of my payout, in which they told me I would not be receiving rent for the month due to the repairs they conducted…which totaled to around $1700. I was never notified of the repairs and they sent me an itemized list (noted-after I had to request it) of repairs they “made” but did not provide photos or exactly what they repaired. When the issue was addressed with the owner John, he sent me very unprofessional emails, essentially telling me they were not refunding the money, I was unappreciative , and basically the financial burden was on me . This is coming from the same owner that also told me he did not care if owners appreciated their business, just need their money when appropriate. That just shows their sheer lack of care for their property owners, especially those military members who are far away and have no other option but to rely on property managers to ensure they are being taken care of.Again, I have had issues with their services from day one. Their payout service is terrible, owners do not receive payout until the 10th of each month which is super inconvenient in itself. I would constantly have to call and like a mentioned, if the one person who knew anything was not there then my questions or concerns could not be addressed until she returned. Multiple times I was told I would receive a phone call back and that did not happen. I gave them the benefit of the doubt way more than I should have and in the end it came back to bite me. Again, property owners beware and use their service at your own risk, I hope you have better experiences than me, but I encourage people to not use them! I would love to see their response to this because I have all the emails to back my statements, but choose not to attach them for my own personal privacy.

Review №3


We leased a 2 bed house for a year with barnett and hill. We wasted a lot of time throughout our lease communicating with the office about issues we were experiencing. There were billing issues for utilities that were never communicated, weeks would go by when we submitted maintenance requests, and there was an obvious lack of communication between the office employees. We would have to repeat ourselves to multiple employees to resolve an issue. Very frustrating to work with at times and they were never anything special.The only positive experience we had with barnett and hill were the actual maintenance employees. All of them were respectful, helpful, and professional.Overall, we chose the rental house because it was a good price. If we could have paid $50-$100 more per month and received better customer service, we would in a heartbeat.

Review №4


Like the apartment I live in now. Its a good cozy place for $470 a month for a year lease plus I pay for electric with usually comes to about $50 a month. Very friendly company to do business with. Plus their maintenance works really hard to fix whatever problem occurs when you request it.

Review №5


They recently bought the apartment Im renting. From what I can see so far theyre good people

Review №6


They seemed nice at first. Was interested in a property they had, so I called them on a Friday afternoon to see if it was still available. They told me it was, so Saturday morning we put in our applications online, keep in mind they are supposed to be closed on the weekend. Each application costs 30 dollars. Fast-forward to Monday morning, we have already scheduled a viewing and everything only for them to tell us that somebody put a security deposit on the property before us, on Saturday. Seems like they still just accepted our applications and a total of 90 dollars from application fees, to keep them as they are non-refundable. Tell me how someone put a deposit down on a day that they are listed as closed. Seems kind of fishy. Buyers beware of this scam, and also keep your eyes on the availability cause they might just change it when you arent looking and keep your money anyways.

Review №7


Did not appreciate their customer service. They are terrible at communicating important factors when renting from them. They were also dishonest in our lease agreement and would often take more than 5 business days to respond to important emails/requests. When discussing a lease termination, B&H were rude and made threatening comments towards us. I strongly advise against renting from them!

Review №8


When I moved in, the house was filthy, I just cleaned it. While living there, everything was ok. I had to move out of state due to a family issue. I paid the $1200 break lease fee. They have kept $737 of my security deposit without giving me a list of what they supposedly had to repair. I have asked them several times for that information. If its all valid, then why not give me a list of what they had to fix? I would advise using another company. The office staff always gave me conflicting information, and one guy flat out called me a liar. Not happy with how they have conducted themselves. Im outta luck on my money, but maybe I can help someone else spare the headache. Thank you.

Review №9


I currently reside in one of the residences owned by this company and I would highly recommend someone else to rent from. In the few months I have lived here, there have been numerous safety issues for myself and my family that have arose. And each time I submit a repair request it takes weeks, even months for them to respond. And that is after I bug them by calling every day until someone fixes the issue. I understand times are busy, but when my familys safety is at risk multiple times and they do not feel the need to hurry and fix the issues, thats when I have a problem with how this company manages its properties and tenants.

Review №10


Did not appreciate their customer service. They are terrible at communicating important factors when renting from them. They were also dishonest in our lease agreement, They never cleaned the house before I moved in and never really did the maintenance work correctly or on time. My maintenance request took 2 months to be completed.

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