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Phone: +1 817-790-6427
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–10PM
  • Saturday:7AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Brookshires 2023:

Review №1


The wife and I do a large portion of our grocery shopping at this location and have always had a pleasant experience. The staff is friendly and the store is very clean. Yes the prices are a bit higher than HEB or Walmart but it’s a small town and we don’t have those options here.

Review №2


They are more expensive than the giant corporations (I look for the sales and clearance items), but they are closer to my home and the people - employees are always helpful, cordial and respectful. The store is always really clean too.I forgot to add that they make THE BEST CHICKEN TENDERS!! They are our favorite thing. Plump and tender.I like that they employ many high school and college age folks too. Im really trying to support local and small businesses whenever I can.

Review №3


Its brookshires its not great its not awful. There can vegetable prices are usually kind of high they dont do that cool thing where they put markdown meats in those cardboard trays anymore. Its also worth noting that people often confuse brookshires the grocery store and brookshire brothers owned by the Davids corporation. Maybe something could be done to differentiate between the two like a kick-*ss logo or a really catchy saying

Review №4


Got good deal on buy 1 get one free.8 streaks for $44

Review №5


Store is convenient for the location the have most things you need

Review №6


Great store if you dont want to deal with the big stores

Review №7


I miss them saying Hello when you came in to the store. Even if we seemed in a hurry, we hear it. I use to brag about that all th we time at my walmart , where I work. I do love that my groceries are taken toy car after a long day at wk.

Review №8


Staff is very nice, never out of propane, the managers specials are decent, the deli has some good food. Enough choices to have options but not enough to give buyers remorse. They ALWAYS have someone to take your groceries to your car, bathrooms are always clean and if you run out of TP just scream help and theyll send a runner. I love the butcher he is awesome. And the butchers assistant is wonderful. She can handle the meat like nobodies business! Brookshires is the place to go!2022 update - They need to install seating for when Im checking out with 1 item but the people in front of me have 2 buggies full. Matter of fact I just need to go to the dollar store next time. My meat handling butcher lady is gone. This is literally the first place I went when I was new to Alvarado, and the only place anyone has ever said howdy to me in my life.

Review №9


In the past when we had a economic crisis. Discounts and coupons were disregarded and prices were reduced. Without all of the tracking of purchases and tracking of buying to control the money flow. Technology is okay but it takes away from customer service and satisfaction. The term KISS it. Comes to mind. Who all knows what that acronym stands for?

Review №10


Nice little small town grocery store. Not a wide selection but they do have the basics

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