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4.8 (199 comments)

Review №1


This place rules, excellent selection of comics, board games, and tabletop games. Plenty of tables as well as a neat couple stands of gaming-adjacent stuff like coffee and mugs and stuff. Plus, they have a goblin!

Review №2


Great place to find comics anf board games. Demos and gameplay tables available. Staff is wonderful and extremely knowledgeble and helpful. I reccomend this place to anyone who enjoys comics, boardgames, or cards, etc.

Review №3


Big place with lots of stuff, only problem is that its SO popular theyre rarely in-stock if you are looking for something specific. Still a great place to go to have some fun or play some card or table top games.Dont go here for manga though, theyre always missing volume 1.

Review №4


Very helpful staff! Extensive selection. Kindly optional purchase tracking so you know what youve already picked up before!

Review №5


Still one of the best gaming stores ever.Plenty of gaming space in a comfortable environment. Staff is friendly and helpful.The staff also seemed to maintain a family friendly environment free of twitchy young people bellowing random profanity. Id be comfortable taking small children here, a rarity among gaming stores.I would like to see more inventory in historical war games, but nobodys perfect and nothing would prevent me from meeting someone here to roll some dice.

Review №6


Great store. It’s about 1/3 games, 1/3 comics, and 1/3 gaming area.All sorts of games are here, not just miniatures like Warhammer, but also casual and family games.In addition to all of the usual Marvel/DC comics, there are many smaller, Indy companies as well.The staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Review №7


Very clean and well organized store. The staff is friendly and very helpful. An employee went out of their way to find Miles Morales merch for my kid. I love that there is a kids section with a wide variety of characters. Ill be going back .

Review №8


Awesome store! Im a very new Magic: The Gathering player, and they gave me a Mind Stone to help me get into the game! The store is HUGE and full of great products and wonderful employees. They even have free Dragons Lair stickers! Will be back!

Review №9


Dragons Lair is one of the coolest shops to just browse. They touch on all the fun nerdy essentials like board games, comics, manga, table top, and trading card games. They host trading card tournaments on rotation and dedicate the rear of the store to open gaming tables for it. Its a great spot if you want to bring in a game and enjoy the day with friends or find new ones bonding through games.

Review №10


Great selection of board games, comics, TPB, card games. Staff is amazing and help you discover new stories or games. It is also a very comfortable place to play games in, snacks and drinks available for purchase, and a good selection of board games to demo with friends.

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