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Phone: +1 972-818-7110
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:12–6PM
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Total reviews rating 3.1

68 Reviews for FedEx Office Print & Ship Center 2023:

Review №1


Been here a few times to send and return items and have always been satisfied with the service and care taken by the employees. I dont think I have had such a bad experience as many of the other reviews seem to have had. Maybe a bunch of irate customers? Then again, sometimes people make mistakes and break things... I would trust these guys to ship anything

Review №2


I had some of the best customer service ever from Angela the other day. She was patient and kind with my order and took the time necessary to make sure my order was correct. After speaking with her at length, she is also a genuinely good human being. Her service and personal values are beyond reproach. I will go out of my way to order from this location again because of her heartfelt concern for my needs. She’s a keeper! Thank you, FedEx!

Review №3


I have used this location several times in past 2 years. And the customer service in this location is great. Today Robert assist me with my package shipment and made it quick and easy.

Review №4


Easy, but they did not deliver the package the following day as promised.

Review №5


I shipped an overnight item for $66.73 on my receipt and was immediately charged $75.32. I told the person at the counter who agreed that there was a mistake. He took note of it and photocopied the receipt and wrote down what I was incorrectly charged. The next day when it should have been resolved, they called me and transferred me to the revenue department which then told me the charge had not showed up yet. Because of this, they said I needed to wait two weeks for the invoice to show up before calling again to fix it which is absolutely ridiculous. Today I called back and was told by “Ivan” that they charged correctly because my receipt was just an “estimate”. I have never seen such a load before in my life. I will never ship with fedex again. Such a scam and a swindle.

Review №6


Service was fast and people were extremely friendly. Homer was especially great, even showed me some different options for my order that I ended up using. Will be using this location for my printing and shipping needs going forward.

Review №7


Wait time was reasonable and the store crew is very helpful

Review №8


Im not sure what is happening with this location. We have used it for years and had pretty consistent service and pricing until recently. The last two times I have been here we were quoted prices twice what our usual order would cost. Today when I questioned why the price was so high they proceed to tell me that what I know I have ordered in the past and what I have actually ordered in the past (according to their computer) are different. Our orders are fairly consistent: 14 to 20 sheets, printed on card stock, cut to size and laminated. We have had these orders almost twice monthly for years. Today they told me that what I know I have ordered with them in the past simply was not true as they had no record of it in their computer. I was told that previous employees were not charging me for services I claimed Fedex Kinkos had done and been doing for our company for years. I finally gave in and paid TWICE what I paid every other time because I needed the order for a presentation that was due today. Once back at the office I retrieved my receipts to see if what I was told about receiving free services was true. Ill give you one single, solitary guess as to what those receipts reflect. Those receipts show consistent orders, for at least the last 6 months, of 14 to 20 sheets of printed card stock, cut to size and laminated all with very similar pricing that is about half of what I paid today.I dont appreciate being lied to or given the run around. If you had to raise your rates for one reason or another just say that. Dont look me in the face and tell me that these orders never happened. I made the order, I picked them up and I paid for them. If I could upload the receipts to this review I would. Needless to say I am done with this location. I will never use their services again. My advice to anyone reading this is get a second quote from somewhere else. I could have had the entire presentation printed and bound by another print shop for the same price as I paid for 20 covers.

Review №9


FedEx has lost my passport and birth certificate. These documents are not cheap to replace or have redone. Great customer service, all who I contacted were really apologetic. Doesnt help the fact that they lost my documents which could be used to steal my identity. Im genuinely terrified that will be the case. Not going to go through FedEX... Ive learned my lesson.

Review №10


Soooo I’m a business owner and I’m looking for a new and cost effective way to ship my products. I came into this fedex a week ago to get some assistance on the best way to ship and the short lady who is always in there was SO UNHELPFUL! she told me they don’t ship on Mondays, She had an attitude and really wasn’t assisting me with my questions. I came back today to actually ship my product and the guy with the glasses (which is missing an arm on one side) was also UNHELPFUL. Charged my account twice, there was no discount on my account like I originally signed up for and my whole experience was dreadful! I will be looking for a new shopping partner Bc how horrible the customer service was.

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