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Phone: +1 512-451-4463
Site: http://www.hpb.com/005?y_source=...
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:10AM–8PM
  • Sunday:10AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4.6

199 Reviews for Half Price Books 2023:

Review №1


Just stop by and so glad I did picked up some super fun books and a puzzle! 🧩 Dogs are allowed! I saw this big poodle sitting in an aisle reading with this girl 🐶The walls in the mens bathroom very much disagree with each other lol had a great time here definitely hope to go back there was also live music! And everything is at such a great price 💰

Review №2


I was pleasantly surprised by how large this store was. I collect cookbooks and love buying them second hand since they are expensive. There was a very small cookbook section but I’ve found this to be typical when looking for cookbooks. I found two of the cookbooks I’ve been wanting cheaper then the the online thriftbookstore I usually by from! Prices are half retail prices for the most part which is also a better deal then Amazon and most other used bookstores. Highly recommend if your a collector looking for some cool finds for your library. I was hoping that the more used and warn books would be slightly more discounted then fresh books.

Review №3


Love this place! One of the largest HPB stores in Texas and i always find bags of stuff when i visit. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff to help when i need something specific, otherwise i busy enjoy the browse

Review №4


A large, spacious and extensive collection of moderately priced books (as advertised, expect to pay half price). About the size of a Books-a-Million store or other large chain bookstore, but with those rare and unusual finds. Definitely worth a visit! Four stars because the collections are alphabetized by author, and usually by broad category. This is good, but a problem when you go to the US History section and they are by author and not by time period, so you will have to browse the entire collection. So plan to spend a couple of hours there.

Review №5


Great Half Priced Books location. This one is well stocked and usually has what I am looking for when it comes to educational books, childrens books, boardgames,etc. The folks that work here are also very nice and cheerful every time I have gone.One comment is to please find a better system or better sticker to mark your clearance comic books. Those little tear-away type stickers are a nightmare to take off the covers of the comics.

Review №6


Its really hard to visit Half Price Books and walk empty handed. This time I visited, I came looking for some manga but there was little to nothing. I will try online. However, it was interesting to find a section with very interesting collectibles, along with a massive selection of music and DVDs.I was also looking for specific biographies, more woman centered stories and written books, along with history of art from east Asia but same, found almost nothing. I hope to come across with an ever growing more diverse Bookstore because they have the potential. Its always a joy to visit, regardless.

Review №7


I love going to this location for comics, Im always able to find something I like even full run and hardcovers. The store is a really good size and it doesnt get overcrowded like other stores.

Review №8


Always spend a few hours here and find some gems. Great place to spend a quiet evening or afternoon browsing the vast collection. Staff are always helpful and kind, which is great. Love half price!

Review №9


On June 24th, I made the decision to visit Half Price Books to withdraw money from all 30 of my books. Note that these were books on English literature, textbooks for exam preparation, books on construction, and books on real estate. I observed folks who arrived immediately after me who got attended first and promptly had their money offers prepared as I waited adjacent to the location down the store to receive my offer still. While I was waiting for them to evaluate mine, which took 1 hour and 37 minutes, I noticed that they were hardly even pulling them out of the black and blue bag I had brought them in. These employees were all white, as were the customers who received prompt service. As a person of color (Hispanic), you can definitely tell how you are being spoken to and treated differently. I know that may sound difficult to understand. When I got called to receive my offer, a different person—a man in a red shirt who appeared to be Hispanic—asked me for my ID once more (AGAIN) before accepting my cash offer. He gave me an unpleasant look and repeatedly nodded his head when I told him I didnt have it with me at the time. He didnt even make the effort to explain to me which books they would be receiving and which ones would be considered donations. Instead, he only instructed me to sign the receipt (offer) and to head upfront the cashier to receive my money. Like? Im sitting here hearing what they have been telling other customers about which books have been successful and which are being treated as donations, and whether or not they are okay with that. I needed to ask him instead. I thought that Half Price Books overall goal was ...to be fair to customers…be kind to the environment, and remain financially viable so they may continue.... What occurred? Why do you employ people that wont uphold the principles you all claim on your website? Theyre lucky I dont know their names or have pictures of them from the CASH out department down the store. (White woman wearing a black dress (grey and black hair) and a man wearing a red shirt from the day of June 24th). As a Hispanic student that attends UT Austin, I will not be coming to this location again. Mistreated, discriminated against, and simply rude. Do better and respect everyone equally.

Review №10


Mixed feelings about Half Price in general. Some great finds, but selling to them is disappointing. We sold numerous DVD/VHS/CDs and 20 books and got $8.

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