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Phone: +1 817-790-5721
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
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  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
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Total reviews rating 3.4

199 Reviews for McDonalds 2023:

Review №1


Poor service here, the late night manager is very rude. She was yelling and screaming for no reason. The staff was very friendly and seemed more respectful and knowledgeable than the manager did. Overall food was made well just bad experience with manager here.

Review №2


Food was good, service was great!What really topped off the visit was the male staff member outside changing the trash. He worked quickly, seemed happy to be here. When I was leaving , I walked by and said “have a good one buddy!” and without skipping a beat he told me “ God bless you”I thought that was cool. It’s nice to see people not hating their job and just being happy in life!Good show buddy!

Review №3


Set in line for 45 mins they lied about the frappe machine being down and still got my order wrong. Worst service and laziest employees Ive ever seen. Plus the food was just thrown in the bag

Review №4


The drive thru didnt move for 15 minutes. It took 30 minutes to get through the line. Probably the longest I have ever waited at McDonalds. Much better food can be had for a lot less wait. Maybe it was a one time thing because I dont usually go to this McDonalds.

Review №5


Mid day rush and they moved the line through smoothly! Showed great management and team working through the rush. There was one lady who pulled up 2 cars after and demanded her food when we were brought ours first... karma played in the end but the management was very professional in handling Karen.

Review №6


Would give no stars if possible. Machines are down more than they are working, biscuits are always stale, and if you can get someone to answer the drive through, expect to sit for 30+ minutes before getting your food. I keep trying thinking it will get better but I’m done with them.

Review №7


Went to this McDonald’s multiple times. But the last time I went was July 15, 2022 experience was horrible has been horrible multiple times I went over to that McDonald’s. The manager always get to the window and let me know that she’s the only one working window and she’s always frowned and rude her energy is rude. I get breakfast an extra extra syrup she lets me know it’s extra .25 cents that’s not a problem I’ll pay for the extra syrup that I need instead of getting one let me have two. But when they hear me my mail and I get home I realize I do not even have it in my bag. And I asked was sausage Mc griddle‘s and again I guess is Canadian bacon this is happened multiple times were they even have me come back to pick up a correct order and still be incorrect.It is not a good place to go to if you want good service and service with a smile. Guess I will have to go all the way down to Burleson to a McDonald’s. And when you call and try to let them know over the phone they don’t even answer the phone.

Review №8


Ordered pancakes and sausage and a McGriddle, computer froze and I had to pay at 2nd window and that wasn’t a problem. Then they said I owed over 20 dollars and after telling them what I ordered, what I assume was the manager took my money and disappeared for nearly 10 minutes. When getting my change, my receipt said I ordered 3 juices and a frappe. I said that I didn’t order any drinks and the manager suddenly reappeared saying to her coworkers “She just told me that is what she ordered” I have never had any problems with this store but they are just snobby and rude. Thank you to the sweet girl who was genuinely being nice to me, but that manager needs to go. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.Edit: Didn’t even wrap the McGriddle and pancakes are without syrup, butter, and I didn’t get any utensils. Very unhappy.

Review №9


The person in front of me wanted their order of 20 different items bagged separately. Why do I always get behind the person who wants their fries wrapped individually? Went inside and the ladies working were trying to figure out how to do her order. Of course the woman asked for fries with no salt. Probably asked for a gluten free bun too. I got standard chicken sandwiches and a double cheeseburger. The orange haired kid in the back flung them together perfectly. They were hot, I used the kiosk to order and pay. In and out in less than 5 minutes. Thats what I like. However, their ice cream machine was last seen running down the street aka, it damn sure wasnt working. One of these days Im gonna be able to get an ice cream cone in McDonalds. Ahhh I remember the good old days when they had working ice cream machines. Unlike these days where you can literally call every McDonalds in the metroplex and only find a single working ice cream machine.

Review №10


Every time I come to this location there’s something wrong. People are usually rude and uptight. I was in the mobile curbside spot waiting for my food for a good 10 mins. I had to go in and get my food. How are y’all out of tea? It’s TX. Never coming back to this location

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