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Phone: +1 817-758-0055
Site: https://pplmotorhomes.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–5:30PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday:9AM–4PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.1

193 Reviews for PPL Motor Homes 2023:

Review №1


Fair honest and professional people to work with. The entire staff was able to provide customer service that you dont see much of any more. Keith and the staff do a great job of looking out for both the sellers and the buyers. If you are looking to buy a good pre owned RV this is the place you need check out.....If you are looking to sell your RV on consignment this is the place you want to sell it for you. I was very pleased with the experience all the way through the process!

Review №2


Very nice staff with the exception of one guy in the service department. Went it with my dad to purchase an AC for his motorhome. He had found the unit several places online. The unit they were trying to sell him didnt have the heatpump and they still wanted to charge him $1,695 for something he could get for $600 online (AC only unit. $1,500 for complete unit). This jerk basically called my dad a liar. We went down to their competitor and got the complete unit for $1,600. WILL NOT EVER SET FOOT BACK IN THIS PLACE AGAIN. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Review №3


Had a great experience with PPL RV in Cleburne TX. Purchased a fifth wheel there. Had to have some work done to it months later. Their service department technicians are very knowledgeable about what to look for on or in your camper. (Lance Hunter) is the tech we dealt with. He knew of things to look for that we didn’t even think about and gave us excellent service and care. He is willing to work with you to get the job done. The other techs who do the work are vary good at what they do. I would recommend this PPL RV in Cleburne Tx. to anyone.

Review №4


I had to hit a star to actually write this review, but i would rate them a zero after the treatmeant. My credit score was higher than what Reese in finance told me which was lower than credit karma, everyone knows that credit karma is lower than your actual score. My credit score is even higher now. I also had proof of a debt that was paid in full that was not sent over to the bank for financing ( I verified this with the bank). I was also told by my dear friend that he was belittled by a Grey haired man in the store, but I was not told this information since I found a motorhome that we loved and wanted to purchase ( I was not told this until after I was not approved) I did not even receive a phone call, text or email informing me that it didnt go through. I have spoken directly to the bank and I can provide proof that this debt has been taken care of, the bank is willing to work with me. I will not be purchasing anything from PPL motorhomes if this is how they treat people

Review №5


Spent a lot of time there looking at rv when they already new what was broken on it. Felt like our time was totally wasted!! Can fix anything until you fill out credit application. Make sure you know what to look for that is messed up on rv before you go.

Review №6


Went in to shop (look) at some RVs they have for sale. Trying to get an idea of what Im looking for. I was first greeted by a man sitting behind the counter and a woman named Carrie. She directed me to sign in and go outside and take a look at the RVs that I wanted to see, then to return inside after I was done looking. I did so and was once again greeted by Carrie and the rest of the staff for a photo for their Veterans Day special. Carrie asked if I saw anything that I liked and went on to answer my questions. She then introduced me to the person that would put me in contact with the sales people when I am ready to buy. She seemed very knowledgeable and friendly and I appreciate that she took the time to answer my questions and that I wasnt pressured by a sales person. The only thing I could say negative about the experience is that it was a little hard to spot as they need a sign on the road or a big sign that can be seen from the road.

Review №7


We just dropped off our trailer yesterday at PPL Cleburne for consignment. They havent begun to sell our trailer but we felt impelled to write a review anyway. I initially spoke with Keith (the manager) over the phone. When we got there we met Trevor, and later Justin. They all made the experience easy, informative, and were friendly. To be honest we have had so many bad experiences with sales/purchases that we werent looking forward to the whole process. We left very pleased and comfortable with leaving our trailer. Thanks to the employees!!

Review №8


Too busy to know we were even there. The unit ratings were overly generous. We purchased (and recommend) fun time rv.

Review №9


I shopped all over the country for a place I could trust to purchase a major appliance. PPL was who I chose to buy a new A/C from. I wasnt disappointed! Great customer service. Unit works perfectly! I would highly recommend them!

Review №10


(This got posted under Cleburne by mistake we went to Houston). Make sure you take your tags with you. The actual sales process was relatively painless. However several factors contributed to making the process less than ideal. When we filled out paperwork we were not presented the option of having direct deposit. This meant after they negotiated a sale we had to fill out paperwork from a distance. Recommend you fill out direct deposit info before you leave. Secondly we settled for about 16% less than the recommended sales price in spite of following all recommendations for the sale. Thirdly, PPL did not remove our tags when the RV was sold. This has resulted in the nightmare of getting tolls paid that only now about 5 months after sale has hopefully been resolved. After multiple phone calls to PPL and txtag they tell me the bill has been paid in full. Hope you have a better experience.

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