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Phone: +1 817-783-2394
Site: https://locations.tacobell.com/t...
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:9AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:9AM–2AM
  • Thursday:9AM–2AM
  • Friday:9AM–3AM
  • Saturday:9AM–3AM
  • Sunday:9AM–2AM
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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for Taco Bell 2023:

Review №1


Its good to the drive thru, but it was a longer time for inside costumers to get the food. I assumed it was being made fresh, reasonable for waiting time. But I went home, 5 minutes and I thought it would be warm at the least. Im not someone who likes complaining, but it was cold and starting to go stall .

Review №2


I waited 35 minutes (8:31 pm - 9:06 pm) for two bean burritos, a medium Pepsi, and a wild cherry freeze. I hadn’t gotten my drink so I asked for my cup, and the employee slammed my cup on the counter and stormed off. It would’ve been different if I had given them attitude but I had just simply asked for something I PAID for. Very very very disappointed.

Review №3


If your a very late night eater, this place is open until 2a.m, only to take out tho. Overall the food was delicious but being so late make sure you check your order and see that you got everything because they forgot my other tocas that I ordered, thankfully I ate at the parking lot and went back to get them.

Review №4


Open for dine in, limited capacity. Store is clean. Food was on point for a Taco Bell. Fast friendly service. Even sealed the bags. Ask for a new cup when you need a refill. Overall rather pleased.

Review №5


Short staffed so we had to use the kiosk. We didnt mind it, you just cant 100% tailor your order if you have a unique request. The food was fine and the store was decent inside. All in all, good experience.

Review №6


Tried ordering something that weve had from there before & was told they didnt have it. (They did have it but didnt want to take the time to make it) Very rude customer service. Ended up just driving off & went somewhere else to eat.

Review №7


The tacos are always consistently good. They get the last star when they come up with a taco shell that wont be cracked when you unwrap it.

Review №8


Associates were pleasant, efficient, funny and got my order correct! food was all full and tasted great

Review №9


I ordered 2 5 layer burritos and unlike 95% of the Taco Bells I visit, these had plenty of ingredients much closer to the advertised product

Review №10


This Taco Bell needs more staff and, after being in food service, I can tell they are beyond busy for the hard workers they have. The food came out quickly and our order was right. The drive thru moved at a steady pace while we were inside. The lobby was finally being attended to, as there were signs it had been hours since anyone could break away from the counter. I hope they get more help soon!

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