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Phone: +1 800-275-8777
Site: https://tools.usps.com/find-loca...
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Thursday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Friday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Saturday:10AM–1PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.2

199 Reviews for United States Postal Service 2023:

Review №1


Moved in and getting mail as normal. A few weeks after they marked my apartment mail box as vacant. My address has not changed, it is not vacant.I went down on 6/1 and asked if they could get my mail. They said I had to fill out the vacant slip. leave it in my mail box and then I would start getting mail. That still has not happened. I went back down on 6/4. They have no mail there for me and they could not reach the driver. Apparently the drivers keep mail on their trucks and no one knows what they have!??I just got a call from them a few minutes ago. They said they got a hold of the driver...but they didnt say if they had my mail. They then said the driver would get the green vacant slip and I will start getting mail on 6/6.The driver has already collected the green vacant slip on 6/1 and I still have not received mail. This is the same thing the person told me on 6/1 when I went to the office.Is it possible for anyone to verify where my mail is exactly?

Review №2


I never leave bad reviews - ever. Over the past 8 months, I have had so many issues with this location that it finally felt like it was time. I will say that those who have worked and assisted me with shipping packages at the main counter have always been friendly. However, a few months ago, I was receiving medication in the mail that was time sensitive. There were clear instructions for me to sign off on this, and instead of attempting to deliver, my package was taken to the post office. Again, this was time sensitive and extra shipping had been paid for to account for this. When I arrived at the post office to pick up my package, i rang the bell at the door for this type of issue and was told “I was wrong.” Even though I had a slip in my hand telling me to come to the post office. The man told me it would come, but I kept explaining how important this was and that this slip said - “your package is here.” Another woman overhearing this then stepped in, took the slip from my hand, and shut the door. I continued to wait for about 15 minutes while I think they searched for my package. They opened the door and tossed me my package that WAS there after being told numerous times I was wrong and to leave. The second occurrence was with a small package that warranted an “undeliverable” sticker on my mailbox - which makes no sense. Again, the sticker/slip said my package was at the post office and I’d need to pick it up. So I go, ring the bell again, and am greeted very similarly. I waited for about 20 minutes, while a line formed behind me, for them to find my package. I was then told “sorry it isn’t here.” With no explanation as to where my package was or what I should do. I asked if I could leave my number and the lady helping me this time said, “you can but it’s not here.” Magically, my package must’ve become deliverable and arrived a few days later at my door. Once again, I am experiencing similar issues. This time, no slip was left. Only confirmation from the retailer that it was delivered. Opening a case with USPS is almost impossible. I do not have these issues with my local UPS and FedEx locations and have never experienced issues with delivery or customer service.

Review №3


Im not sure why I bothered to order those free Covid tests. I dont believe they even hit my mailbox. Im surprised I ever get my new credit cards. Anything that goes inside my mailbox seems to be subject to delivered when its really not. And one time my landlord found my small package in the driveway by a fence nowhere near my porch or front door.

Review №4


This review is for ROSE. She has helped me so much in the past with my lost mail/packages! She is not of this earth!! Shes an Angel!!! Thank you dear for always being kind to everyone, patient, with great customer service & great resolutions for everyone! Every problem gets handled when Ms. Rose is there!! These stars are for you!! And you deserve a RAISE for all you have to put up with!!! Wish there were more Roses in this world

Review №5


Yet again I saw another person absolutely humiliated by the staff there. The person didnt understand why their postage wasnt being accepted and instead of explaining it clearly and offering the charge for additional postage which is custom, the lady in training proceeded to shake her head at the girl and embarrass her. I have seen this happen so many times at this location. I have seen racism, I have heard insults, I have seen them humiliate the customers THESE ARE ALL EMPLOYEES I AM TALKING ABOUT. Nothing is ever done about it. Well best believe Im going to figure out something to do about it. The last time I was there there was a man who didnt speak English very well and the woman decided to make fun of him for not knowing the Postal Service rules for priority mail and decided to mock him in front of the line of people and laugh at him. He ended up just leaving humiliated. This has got to stop. I am so sorry you all hate your lives there so much that you treat people like this.

Review №6


If I could give 0 stars to this location I would. Changed out our mailboxes with no notification. Posted a letter after the fact on how to get mail and keys. Neighbors have gone to try and get keys and mail and they have been turned away stating the delivery person would be delivering keys. Well Ive been waiting to get to paperwork in my mailbox that needs to be signed. Oh and dont get me started on no one EVER answering a phone. Ive called every day this week at different times throught the day and NO ONE EVER answers.

Review №7


After standing in line for 20 minutes the older lady postal worker told me I had to go back and fill out the certified mail receipt. I pointed out other postal offices had never required this of me and I thought it was merely for my benefit/records since it was the part I keep. She became instantly rude and confrontational scolding me with a deadly look, Youll fill it out if you want it mailed! So instead of providing a simple rationale like any civil person would do, she exploited her power over me in a very demeaning way. Some people have no business working in public service.

Review №8


The worst staff for a post office. If you have a package to pickup youll be there an hour waiting on the staff to help you if there is no one in line. If theres a line. Come back. Youll be there forever. The incompetence of this place unreal. Zero customer service, zero motivation to solve any problems. This is only for the package window and mail pickup. Zero accountability. Management should be ashamed.

Review №9


Cris was the customer service representative I was working with. Unfortunately Cris shouldn’t be in customer service, maybe he was just having a bad day, but his representation was rude, impatient, and exhaustive. He would be better in a role where he didn’t have to interact with people in general. Cris might be happier with responsibilities that are centered around task management, definitely not client interfacing. I won’t be back to this location for my shipping needs.

Review №10


Had to ship a return item worth around $280. The lady at the counter seemed to gawk at helping me do so. I put the address on the box, she “put it on the label” wasn’t the full address that I had written on the box, I asked if it would be okay like that, she said yes making it seem like it was. After 2 months of back and forth trying to file a claim I’ve been denied because usps states that it made it to its location. Well I confirmed that it most certainty never made it to its location. Usps refuses to issue a refund. The people who work here are obviously miserable and rude because of it. Not necessarily their fault, but I definitely understand why they feel the way they do. Don’t count on usps actually wanting to help you out, as they don’t seem to give any concern in doing so. Horrible place.

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