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Phone: +1 806-342-3030
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:6AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for Walmart Supercenter 2023:

Review №1


This store totally sucks outside of a couple of employees. The best by far is John Paul. He ALWAYS goes above and beyond. Hes got a great attitude and doesnt treat me like its a privilege to shop at Walmart. Thank you John Paul!! Your hard work hasnt gone unnoticed!

Review №2


The store, in general is in decent shape. The employees are very easy and great to talk with. But, the lack of shopping carts is rediculius. There are LINES of people at the entrance waiting for shopping carts for long periods of time. I have never seen a place that does not keep up with the shopping carts. This has been going on for a few months here. Their shipment of carts that are ordered need to come in. Establish a cycle with multiple employees to do parking lot rounds every 30 minutes. The cameras at the lines are hilarious. Looks right down at the customers. Then, if you self check out too fast, the register requires verification by an employee that you didnt steal anything. This is a management and computer contractors problem. And having stacks of stocking items placed throughout the grocery side during normal shopping hours is a horrible idea also. When you go to United, do you see stock boxes blocking your shopping path? No, they logically know to do it after hours. Trillion dollar company with grade school mentality. Disappointing!

Review №3


This is easily the worst Walmart in town. They constantly argue about prices being different than what they have marked (illegal) and have rude staff. I thought they might have improved over the years, but I was wrong.One time a few years back, I went to return a car battery they sold without charge and they claimed my crippled father and I stole it. They snatched the paid for sticker off it and demanded we go to the automotive department. When we asked the greeter if we could simply walk to the back through the store they detained us for over half an hour.

Review №4


I shopped there today. Went through the self checkout and left one of my bags. Didnt find out until I was home putting my purchases away. Since I live about 10 miles away and with the price of gas I didnt want to drive back if my bag wasnt there. So I called, this sweet lady named Anita answered and switched me to customer service. It would ring continuously then switch back to her. Four times she transfered me. Then finally she asked what items were in the bag, she was going to go over there and find out. Turns out they werent busy, the excuse was that their phones were turned down. Twice she had announced over the loud speaker for them to pick up. My bag was there no thanks to customer service. Thanks to Anita and no thanks to customer service I got my purchase back. When I got to the store there were 4 workers in customer service and no customers. I tried explaining why I was there and could see very quick not one of the 4 cared. I never got one apology it was evident they didnt care. Thank you Anita. They need more people like you working there.

Review №5


Bathrooms weren’t clean. Got a drink from the Grab N Go section. When I went to take a drink later in the car, I found a foul smelling mystery substance all around the bottom of the bottle. I cleaned it with hand sanitizer and a paper towel - didn’t want to waste. Couldn’t get the stink off of it and it totally tasted off from the mess. Had to toss it.

Review №6


As always Walmart is full you walk in there knowing your gonna have rude people, inexperienced cashiers if any problems with children running around like daycare. But on a lot of items its worth the struggle price wise. Sad thing is that the plus size line on Walmart on Grand has pretty much gone down to zero. Plus size people will always exist. We need fashionable clothes people, unless you want want us naked.

Review №7


No carts, said they were waiting for them. Didnt make me feel like she was concerned, had to go to parking lot and get one myself. After shopping, loaded my car, get ready to pull out and was blocked in by the guy getting the cars and when asked to move he said we had to wait. Very disappointed with customer service. Did have what we needed, but wont go back.

Review №8


Went to leave done my own scanning and they tell me I couldnt do it right had to get a refund for sodas never had this problem at the rest will not be going back!!!!!

Review №9


Perfect for getting on and off interstate 40. We are FT RVers and appreciate lots of space for our RV and TOAD!

Review №10


I finally found the pants I have needed for work. I have been looking for 2 months at the different Walmarts. And figured I would try this one and bingo. Thanks for having what I needed. And on sale.

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