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Phone: +1 956-618-2018
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:6AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
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Total reviews rating 4.3

199 Reviews for Walmart Supercenter 2023:

Review №1


Awesome prices and walmart has alot of appliances and accessories some furniture and just about everything you need as well as food!!!

Review №2


Ok so now i know how homes end up being a cockroach home so i bought these huggies for my daughter last night and got home and saw this roach in the layer of the tape this is nasty and not good for my daughters or my home because with that roach going around my house and not just that roaches can even walk around you or even on you with you not knowing while your asleep or even on our kids they can lead to a dozen of them in no time or even more i mean walmart can easily send a roach person to spray everywhere and constantly not just once every month or year. I mean just imagine if it was food as well and it had roaches or baby roaches and started running around your house. Walmart needs to clean up the right way where is the manager in this? Your spreading roaches to everyones Houses!

Review №3


I went to this supermarket to get my covid booster shot and shopping for a couple of articles. The attention from the pharmacy was superb! I was amazed on how easy the process was even though our last covid shots were from Mexico, they knew how to handle it and I was vaccinated in less than 20 minutes.As for the shopping part, I picked up an order for my sister as a curbside pickup and it was so easy to do, parked in spot #6 and they came out and delivered the goods directly to us.Price was competitive but not the best, but that was no impediment to get a couple of house goodies.

Review №4


We shop there all the time, sometime have trouble finding the creamer we like. Also when u check out u have to check your own things out, and bag your grocery s yourself. Now the prices are more expensive, and u get less help.

Review №5


I have a great experience in Walmart where I was looking for outdoor furniture I saw a man that was working hard but still he came to help me his name was Filiberto he answered all my questions with a lot of expertise and give me suggestions different ideas that I thought he was the manager I did not ask maybe he is. When I was checking out another young man mosah with very good attitude help Filiberto to put inside my car all what I have purchase. Thank you both of them and thank you Walmart for having such a great employees . Is hard now to find people like them.

Review №6


Customer service is in serious decline at this location. Nobody ever knows anything. Phone calls aren’t ever answered where are all the workers? Way better options like Target and H-E-B.

Review №7


Awesome they fixed my radiator plus they provide an extra check up for my van for free so they told it need to be fixed

Review №8


For being the 1st week of month and busy, they need more motorized shopping carts. There were several people who needed them, but there were none available as the ones they had were in use. Very clean looking store, but a lot of shelves were empty. Rather, what I needed, they did not have.

Review №9


Whe I was ready to check out There was nobody there to help me so I left....then when I was leaving somebody was asking me what do you she was therealkthe time but she didnt come to help.

Review №10


Always slow, over priced, clueless staff. You get the privilege of baggage and checking your own stuff, while paying more than my you would anyplace else, especially groceries. The entire low stock thing is fake, they just stopped buying, as theyre as ll apart of of the orchestrated crashing of the United States.

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